Nathan Sykes Goes SOLO For Collaboration With Ariana Grande!

We know The Wanted as a group are not splitting up anytime soon. However,  we also know Nathan Sykes would make a GREAT solo artist. If you have heard this kid perform live you know what I’m talking about. Sykes has a voice that you wouldn’t expect to come out of that tiny body of his. He recently showed us his incredible vocal ability in his solo in The Wanted‘s hit song, “I Found You”. Making his name known not just as part of The Wanted but also as a solo performer he recently collaborated with Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon’s “Sam&Cat”.  The track “Almost Is Never Enough” for the new motion picture “The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones” is a good pathway for Nathan to eventually make his way to solo stardom. The song is beautiful and heartwarming. With Ariana’s soothing voice to draw you into this sweet sounding track, you are in for a fusion of Mariah Carey meets Rick Astley! Speaking of Ariana let’s not forget about her two recent songs “The Way” and “Baby I” wich have been hits. These two young performers have bright careers in front of them so listen to their collaboration and enjoy “Almost Is Never Enough”!

-Monica :)

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