B.O.B & 2 Chainz Give Us The Whistle Song 2.0

To be honest, B.O.B was one of the few rap artists that didn’t need to result to trashy mainstream rap in order to be a successful rap artist. When you compare his current single, “HeadBand“, to songs like “Airplaines”, the meaning and significance is not apparent  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean an artist can’t make a fun song. We can guarantee this song will be on the radio this WHOLE SUMMER because of the addictive beat and catchy whistle flow in the background. 2 Chainz is 2 Chainz, so you know what you’re getting into from the get-go. Overall, it’s fun to see this different side of B.O.B. Are you liking this song? Tweet us @Techtonicpop and let us know :)

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